For all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8: 28

The Apostle Paul wrote this  Epistle, or Letter of Romans while in  Corinth.   It  is  considered  “the Golden Chain of  Salvation’’  and  beautiful description of  Biblical truth about Jesus activity in  the  life of every Christian.  This is our treasured assurance that  we can trust  GOD and HIS  WORD  every day of our life. GOD  told  us  this  in  Romans 8: 28,  because He wants us to Read  HIS  WORD in our Bible.  Now we  know  life  does  not  bring  only  GOOD  things, so we need  to learn the Eternal purpose GOD has for our life. We need to  know God is ready to accomplish His Eternal purpose which is  to bring Jesus into our life.  When Jesus is our Savior, He  brings  Love,  Hope and  Power to  help us conquer life’s grief, heart-breaks and challenges. He promised He would be with us so we can live our life time with Love, HOPE and Assurance.                       

My  favorite Bible Verse is  Romans 8: 28

By Jane Bartz